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From Buckland Monachorum

Living on a dairy farm in a very rural location several miles away from our nearest telephone exchange, we had for years suffered dismal broadband speeds of 0.5 Mbps. This was becoming increasingly difficult to work with as more aspects of the farm administration and business were being undertaken online. Our children were going through school and then onto university, and again needed access to good broadband speed. How things changed when we converted to Skylight Broadband! Installation of the broadband receiver on the house was straightforward, and shortly afterwards we began to enjoy phenomenal broadband speeds of 24 Mbps, with potential to increase. This has revolutionised the way we work online. It is no longer an issue for multiple members of our family to be online at the same time, and we are now able to stream Netflix and other online entertainment platforms, which had been impossible with our old setup. We have never looked back, Skylight has been a game-changer! Thank you Skylight.


From Ashburton

Skylight delivered a leaflet to my holiday park at the same time as I was looking to change my internet supplier. I changed from BT to Skylight, as BT was unreliable, kept losing connection and the speed was frustratingly slow. My customers are much happier with the improved connection speed, it's now possible to download and watch a movie, something unheard of previously! The price is extremely competitive and the customer service has been excellent. I would highly recommend Skylight.


From Combeinteignhead

Access to fast broadband is now as vital as any of our other utilities e.g. gas. It keeps us connected and part of the broader conversation. With little to no indication of when, or even how, BT will address the broader rural communities needs. We needed to find a solution that would give us:

Fast speeds: a data hunger family and freelance work demands.

Assured levels of service: a solution that once installed would provide the promised service level.

Independence: A provider who are committed to grow and scale with the market and its future demands. e.g. adding more and more devices and better quality TV broadcasts (4k).

After careful consideration, we chose SKYLIGHT BROADBAND as our provider and their Fixed Wireless Access solution (FWA). There are many myths and misunderstanding of FWA being an inferior alternative to the copper wire system; the traditional solution provided over the telephone line. We can assure that this isn't the case, the FWA is providing us with a best in class solution - a super fast and a clean connection.

Highlights of our experience with SKYLIGHT BROADBAND:

1. A professional and considered approach when installing the micro-dish and connection internally.

2. We've had a consistent and super fast 21st Century connection with our 50 MBS download and a 10 MBS upstream package.

3. Scalability of service which will grow with us as our future if our bandwidth demands increase.

4. Little to no latency, even when used for console gaming.

5. Provided us with speeds that we would never have achieved over the 20th Century rural telephone line. Although advertised as a 37 megs, the real speed from BT would waver between 11 MBS and 8 MBS, with an upload speed of 1-2 MBS.

6. Ease of access to develop an internal mini-network across our home and small home office e.g. extra routers and wireless repeaters.

7. Video conferencing, once a technical headache, is now working seamlessly.

8. SKYLIGHT BROADBAND’s After sales service is one of the best I have experienced due to their commitment and passion for what they do. They do it well, with a can-do attitude.

9. Cost is always a factor: When compared to a MobileData Broadband; a system that is expensive and data capped e.g. Vodafone Mobile Data Hub. Or alternatively, the traditional "BT" solution and its hidden costs of a telephone line. The SKYLIGHT BROADBAND wins out - Faster, cost equivalent and no data caps!

10. Less downtime. Our traditional solution, as a rural service, had issues of broken telephone lines and unexpected cut off issues. Not with SKYLIGHT BROADBAND, it happily points its nose over at the distant radio mast and happily keeps on going.