Skylight Broadband how does it work?

Our Networks are based on Fixed Wireless Access

Skylight Broadband networks are independent and a complete alternative to the traditional copper landlines used to deliver telephone and internet services. With our networks not only are we able to supply superfast broadband but we can also provide dedicated telephone lines, removing the need to continue with your current service provider.

We build out and construct our networks using a technology known as Fixed Wireless Access. FWA is a proven technology extensively used around the world as alternative to laying Fibre cables in providing superfast broadband connectivity. In the simplest form our networks can be broken down into four fundamental elements:

1. The backbone, this is the part of the network that transfers a Fibre connection wirelessly over the air to a remote location where an Access hub connects into the wireless Fibre connection.

2 .The Access hub, this part of the network distributes the wireless Fibre connection established with the backbone to the end customer’s subscriber unit.

3. Customer subscriber unit, this part of the network communicates with the Access hub to provide the end customer with broadband connectivity; these units are located on the outside of the customer’s premises.

4. The final part of the network is the Wireless router that connects to the Customer subscriber unit to distribute superfast broadband around the customer’s premises as well as providing two analogue telephone sockets for two independent landline connections.


Network Topology